Mikros Vorias FolegandrosThe Estate

Fascinated by the wild rocky beauty of the landscape and the mesmerising sight of the lightblue sea, we have created with passion and attention to detail, this small housing estate which is harmoniously built into rock and local greenery, peacefully looking over the picture perfect harbour and the Aegean Sea into the distance.

It is a group of five buildings each of different capacity and its own interior layout, inspired by the local architecture, known for its simplicity and clear lines, subtly influenced by modern design. Plain furnishing, carefully chosen decorative elements and one of a kind works of art complete and create a result that praises in a unique way the minimalistic aesthetic.

All the houses share the same orientation, designed and placed amphitheatrically, in such a way that privacy is assured for each one of them and their tranquility is never disturbed. Built on the base of a high stone mound that protects them from the strong winds, the houses have unhintered and unobstructed view to the village of Karavostasi, the island’s harbour and the nearby islands. They are only two hundred metres from the closest beach Hohlidia and are located only a fifteen minute walk from the crystalline coasts Vardia, Latinaki, Pountaki, Vitsentzou and Livadi. The small village and the harbour from where little boats depart constantly for the remote beaches of the island. In about six hundred and fifty meters there is the magical, charming Chora the capital of the island which is almost three kilometres long.

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